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About Us

The Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Directorate of Forensic Science Services, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, Chandigarh is a Government of India establishment engaged in the forensic examination of the exhibits of cases by its Ballistics (including Bullet Resistance Testing), Biology (includes DNA Testing and Serology), Chemistry (includes Narcotic Analysis), Questioned Documents, Explosives, Physics(includes Computer/ Cyber Forensics and Audio/ Video Analysis), and Toxicology disciplines for police and other crime investigation/ law enforcement/ criminal justice/ government/public sector agencies of the country (hereinafter referred to as the customers). Every case examiner working in the Laboratory is a forensic specialist in one or more forensic disciplines and responsible for examination of evidentiary value materials and report in respect of the cases assigned to him/her and allied works in one or more specified forensic disciplines which includes expert testimony/ de’facto in the courts of law on subject matter under the provision of Cr.P.C. and Indian Evidence Act/ Information Technology Act.

The Laboratory performs the evidentiary value material examination activity in accordance with the principles and methods of the forensic sciences and the practices prevalent in peer laboratories in India and abroad. The Laboratory has installed a management system to manage the evidentiary value material examination activity in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 ‘General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories’ and NABL 113: 2008 ‘Specific Guidelines for Accreditation of Forensic Science Laboratories’.

The Director-cum-Chief Forensic Scientist is superior to the Director of the Laboratory in the parent organization viz. Directorate of Forensic Science Services, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi. He has the responsibility of budgetary sanctions and administrative control. The day-to-day operations of the Laboratory are, however, the responsibility of the Director of the Laboratory.

CFSL, Chandigarh is the first forensic science laboratory in India to achieve accreditation of voice/speech analysis, audio/video tape analysis, computer crime analysis, GSR analysis, automated firearms examination, DNA testing for forensic cases, paternity cases and familial relationships. NABL has affiliation to ILAC through APLAC. The reports of CFSL, Chandigarh would now be acceptable at the international level.


The laboratory campus is situated at Dakshin Marg, Plot No.2, Sector 36-A at a distance of about 10 Kms. from Chandigarh railway station and about 12 Kms. from Chandigarh airport. Tthe management system covers examination of evidentiary value materials carried out at this permanent facility and also the scene of crime services provided by the Laboratory.


Research and development for evolving better and new methodologies in the field of forensic science.
Dissemination of the results of research & development activities to the forensic community.
Providing scientific assistance to criminal justice system.
Providing trainings for scientists, police and judiciary.
Providing scientific assistance to various state governments for the establishment and up gradation of forensic science laboratories.
Providing guidance and assistance to forensic laboratories and other similar institutions for implementation of quality management system to get their accreditation by NABL.
Collaboration with other R&D/S&T/Universities/Educational institutions for the development of forensic science. Awareness of forensic science in the society.