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Message from The Director , CFSL, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


                 It is a matter of great pride for me to express my sincere gratitude to all the Scientists, Members of Staff, Forensic Professionals of CFSL, Kolkata and all the associated personnel for their continued efforts for constantly maintaining quality, timeliness and credibility in forensic   analysis to serve the Criminal Justice Delivery System of our country.


            Just like the previous year 2019-2020, when we have started our journey to publish with the Annual Achievement Report of CFSL, Kolkata, we were committed to deliver more prosperous year 2020-2021. I am filled with enthusiasm and inspiration to realize that, even when the whole world is going through a very difficult phase due to COVID-19 pandemic, that time our scientists have worked more dedicatedly for uninterrupted deliverance of their services   towards criminal justice system. Even with all the constrains due to COVID –19 situation, our dedicated and committed staff members have worked hard to contribute their best for the  development of modern State-of-the-art facilities in CFSL, Kolkata and they keep on putting extra efforts to strengthen the standards of our  laboratory.


            I felt encouraged and joyful that our staff members, scientists and forensic professionals are continuously working on advancing their intelligence, knowledge and skill sets to combat with the ever changing scenario of criminal activities involving advance technologies, communication systems, spying gadgets, dark web encryption software, etc. Some of our best and significant works done by our scientists during this year are described in this Annual Achievement Report of CFSL, Kolkata 2020-21.


            Once again, I wish them success in all their endeavours in respective field and convey my best wishes for the prosperous years to come.